En Garde?


Sometimes I find myself stuck with nothing much else to do, a sketchbook, and my watercolor kit.  When that happens, how could I not spend my time making silly little drawings?  These little paintings are getting fun.



We got a bunch of books in the store the other day and we thought it’d be fun if we spiced up the announcement a little bit.  I figured since they were mostly art-instruction and art-inspiration books it only made sense to draw a budding artist.  I don’t recommend trying to paint while looking at a book — but that doesn’t mean I don’t do it all the time.  My only regret was our lack of a white chalk marker.  Oh well.


A Different Way of Thinking.


I forgot to post this last night — and of course by “forgot” I mean I was up too late and I got too tired to do anything except crawl into bed.

I have a tendency to think of things from dark to light and opaquely.  I understand glazing and other optical mixing techniques, but I never really use them.  So I’ve never really understood how to make watercolor look good.  With all of the dark-to-light work I’ve got coming up, I thought (as I often do) it’s good to flex those creative muscles and try something completely different for awhile — I’ll be experimenting with a light-to-dark approach in my free time.

I’ll let you know what I come up with.


Mahalo, Miss Mallow

0005 Sassy Valentine

I was in Chico visiting some friends of mine over night and one of them has an iPad. I’ve never before played with an iPad, so of course I took the opportunity to idly flip through it and play with the different applications and games he has installed. Eventually I came across the art-making application and then the next stretch of time becomes a blur as I lost myself in the technological doodle maker.


I didn’t much care for making images with the iPad.