Giving Thanks


This past year has given me quite a bit to be thankful for.  To celebrate, I tried my hand at block printing and made prints of this image.

And I still have plenty to be thankful for.  What am I thankful for now?  All of the pieces for my show are done and now all I have to do is everything else before Sunday.  But hey, come Monday I get my life back.


Little Miss Airman

0014 Airman Barker

Recently my mother jokingly suggested I do a portrait of her.  Well, I think the joke was more that I should make her look thinner and younger, but I took it and ran with it.  Once upon a time she served in the air force of these United States, and wouldn’t you know it?  I have some pictures from those days.  I don’t think this is what she had in mind when she asked me for a portrait, but I am certain she loves it.

Love you, mom.


I Won’t Make a Sewing Pun. (Again.)

0013 SewCute

A friend of mine can sew (I mean, she can REALLY sew) and this just baffles me because it’s a skill I will likely never posses.  So, what else can I do when I’m completely in awe of something other than draw a picture and hope it comes close to competing with the staggering abilities of my friends?

Check out her blog here.


We’re All Mad Here


I’m down to the last three pieces for my show and I have twelve days left.  I’ll have plenty of time to finish them, over-criticize them, make adjustments, print them, mount them, design and make title cards, write and mount an artist statement, and design and print take-aways.  Yep, plenty of time.

To keep me motivated, Ms. Cheshire here is ready to help keep a smile on my face.  Maybe she’ll make you smile too?


I’m Ready to Roll!

A few weeks back we hosted a game night and I was asked if I would come up with an image for the invitations.  As I see it there are three kinds of player; the rambunctious one, the patient and focused one, and the timid one.  It’s always amusing to see what happens when the three sit down at the same table with one another.


Sneaky Peeky

I have two weeks to finish the pieces for my show and I may be starting to panic a little.  Getting them done in time isn’t going to be the challenge; getting them done, printed, and mounted will be.  I can do it, though.  I mean, at least, I think I can.

Enjoy this sneak peek!  I’ll be posting the fruits of this series soon.


Blaster Bolt Goes Where?


I’m going to have to have a scanning party soon if I plan on keep pulling from the archives.This time we have a Zabrak sniper a friend plays in a Star Wars RPG.

I don’t know which is worse: the fact that my friend plays a Star Wars RPG or that when she told me she played as a Zabrak sniper not only did I know exactly what she was talking about but I didn’t even have to look up reference to draw this picture.  Oh, and I’m totally jealous she’s playing a Star Wars RPG.